The City Academy, Bristol opened as the first Academy in the south west in 2003 offering education

of the highest standard. 


It is an exciting and creative learning community where all students develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for a positive role in society and help them achieve their personal goals.

Left to right:

Created while working

at Colour & Thing.


Poster with the school motto using bright and bold typography.

Rebrand of Sports centre 

The aesthetic is bold, applying shapes that conform to the

brand and a large emphasis on photographs of the pupils. The packaging is designed to hold

a selection of information about

the facilities and activities. 

Rebrand Sixth

An innovative prospectus in the form of a box with inserts; allowing 

the student the choice of which subjects to include. Inside the folded leaflet is an illustrative poster designed to appeal

to the pupils.

Hall posters 

Posters using school motto

and shapes from logo.