The Trebanog Project is part of

It's art but it's not, a partnership

project with Artes Mundi, Valleys Kids and Trivallis.

The project reaches out to the community offering a space in which to take part and learn

crafts, cook and eat together.

The environment is one of inclusion

facilitating friendships and a sense of wellbeing throughout the area.

The chosen aesthetic is sleek and minimal in compliment to the hand crafted nature of the project. 

From left to right:

Project logo 

Inspired by the shape of the bread oven which stands at the heart

of the project, providing food

and radiating warmth out into

to the community.

Christmas card  

keeping a minimal style throughout, the icons represent

the day to day happenings of

the space. 

Event posters 

advertising various events

including 'Make One Keep

One' a craft workshop scheme.  


Under construction sign

For Trebanog Project website coming soon.